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Trusted Appellate Attorneys in Houston, TX

DeGuerin & Dickson Law Firm offers strategic criminal appeals representation from our home office in Houston, TX. Our experienced appellate lawyers provide thorough legal analysis and compelling advocacy to challenge and overturn wrongful convictions in Texas and across the nation.

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Expert Legal Advocacy for Post-Conviction Appeals in Houston, TX

At DeGuerin & Dickson Law Firm, we understand that a criminal conviction does not always mean the end of the legal road. Our skilled team of criminal appeals lawyers in Houston is dedicated to challenging wrongful convictions and unjust sentences through strategic appellate representation. With decades of combined experience, our attorneys offer a powerful mix of meticulous legal analysis, compelling advocacy, and unwavering commitment to our clients’ rights.

Why Choose DeGuerin & Dickson for Your Criminal Appeal?

  • Experienced Appellate Attorneys: Our team has extensive experience handling complex appeals and navigating the intricate appellate court procedures. We understand how to identify and articulate compelling legal arguments that challenge procedural errors, constitutional violations, and unjust sentencing.
  • Thorough Legal Analysis: Our approach involves a detailed review of trial records, transcripts, and legal precedents to uncover errors and issues that can be grounds for appeal. Our goal is to identify every possible avenue for overturning your conviction or reducing your sentence.
  • Personalized Legal Strategies: We recognize that each case is unique, and we craft personalized appellate strategies tailored to the specific circumstances and challenges of your case. Your defense is built on a comprehensive understanding of your legal situation.
  • Dedicated Client Advocacy: We are relentless advocates for our clients, working diligently to ensure that your rights are protected at every stage of the appellate process. Our goal is to present the strongest possible case to the appellate courts on your behalf.
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Understanding Appeals

A conviction isn’t the end. If you believe errors were made during your trial, a criminal appeal could be your path to overturning the decision. Our team meticulously analyzes your case to identify grounds for appeal.

The DeGuerin & Dickson Advantage

We are known for our fierce advocacy and courtroom skill. Our attorneys have successfully handled landmark criminal appeals, setting precedents in Texas law.

Our Appeals Expertise

Some of the more common areas for appeal that we excel at include errors of law, improper jury instruction, ineffective trial counsel, prosecutorial misconduct, insufficient evidence and newly discovered evidence.

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Our Criminal Appeals Process

Here are some representative matters that reflects the level of experience and expertise Mark White brings to your criminal defense case:

If you believe your conviction was the result of procedural errors or constitutional violations, contact DeGuerin & Dickson Law Firm today. Our criminal appeals lawyers are ready to provide a comprehensive assessment of your case and help you explore your options for appeal. Trust our expertise and dedication to fight for your rights and deliver the justice you deserve.

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FAQ regarding Criminal Appeal Cases

Q: What is a criminal appeal?

A: A criminal appeal is a formal request to a higher court to review and potentially overturn the decision of a lower court following a criminal conviction. Appeals focus on legal errors made during the trial, not on re-arguing the facts themselves.

Q: What are some common grounds for a criminal appeal?

A: Common grounds for appeal include:

  • Errors of law made by the judge
  • Insufficient evidence to support the conviction
  • Improper admission or exclusion of evidence
  • Ineffective assistance of your trial counsel
  • Juror misconduct
  • Prosecutorial misconduct
  • Newly discovered evidence

Q: How long do I have to file an appeal?

A: Time limits for filing an appeal are strict and vary by jurisdiction. In Texas, for example, you generally have 30 days from the date of sentencing to file a Notice of Appeal. It’s crucial to consult an experienced appeals attorney immediately.

Q: What happens if I win my appeal?

A: A successful appeal can lead to several outcomes:

  • A complete reversal of your conviction
  • A new trial ordered
  • A reduction in your sentence
  • Other remedies determined by the appellate court

Q: Do I need a different lawyer for my appeal?

A: While not always mandatory, hiring a specialized criminal appeals attorney offers significant advantages. Appeals require in-depth legal research, persuasive writing, and a nuanced understanding of appellate procedures which differ significantly from trial work.

Q: How much does a criminal appeal cost?

A: Appeal costs vary depending on your case’s complexity, the court, and your attorney’s fees. Many appeals lawyers offer consultations to discuss your case potential and fee structure.

Disclaimer: This FAQ provides general information and is not a substitute for legal advice. If you are considering an appeal, consult with a qualified criminal appeals attorney to discuss your specific situation.
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Securing Your Release: Bail Options During a Texas Criminal Appeal

While fighting a criminal conviction through the appeals process, the question of bail becomes important. Here’s a breakdown of bail options in Texas during the appeals process:

Appeal Bond: If you were granted bail during your trial, it might continue through the appeal. However, the court may choose to revoke or modify it. An experienced appeals attorney can help you navigate this process.

Seeking a New Bond: If bail wasn’t granted initially, or if revoked, your appeals attorney can file a motion for an appeal bond. The appellate court will consider factors like the seriousness of the offense, flight risk, and likelihood of success on appeal when deciding.

Factors Influencing Bond: The amount of bail, if granted, is at the court’s discretion. Attorneys can argue for reasonable terms, but several factors influence the decision:

  • Severity of the crime
  • Criminal history
  • Ties to the community
  • Perceived danger to society

The Importance of an Appeals Attorney

A skilled criminal appeals lawyer is essential for understanding your bail options, preparing strong arguments for release, and navigating the complex bond system in Texas.

Don't fight your appeal from behind bars. Contact DeGuerin & Dickson to discuss your bail options and develop a comprehensive appeals strategy.
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