Todd Ward

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  • University of Oklahoma, J.D. 1996
  • University of Colorado, B.A. 1993
  • All State and Federal Courts in Texas
  • United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit
  • United States Supreme Court

Todd Ward

The diversity of Todd Ward’s experience before joining the firm serves our clients well. Todd began his legal career as a prosecutor in the Texas Hill Country. His time there taught him that the nature of a close-knit community invariably has some effect on the resolution of matters within it. Understanding a place is as important as understanding a case, and Todd excels at both. Todd later took a position with the Travis County District Attorney’s Office in Austin in 1999, where he stayed until becoming a member of the firm. In his seven years as a prosecutor, Todd tried nearly 100 cases across multiple counties.

Some of the cases Todd has handled since joining the firm in 2003 include:

The trial of a Beaumont Independent School District purchasing agent accused of stealing nearly $20,000.  Todd convinced the jury of his client’s innocence and they returned a not guilty verdict.

Defending a mother accused of kidnapping five Hurricane Katrina children evacuated from New Orleans. All charges were dismissed.

Securing a no-bill for a Houston firefighter accused of running a prostitution ring.

The defense of a lawyer accused of striking a pedestrian in a crosswalk with his car and leaving the accident scene. The charge was dismissed.

The trial of an individual falsely accused of sexually assaulting his teenage step-daughter. The accusation was first made during a contentious divorce. The jury found him not guilty.

The representation a public school district speech pathologist being investigated for tampering with government records. No charges were filed.

Securing a no-bill for a professional football player charged with aggravated robbery during a marijuana purchase. Todd proved his client was not involved.

The trial of a Houston businessman accused of participating in a conspiracy to distribute cocaine in several states. Todd developed evidence discrediting the multiple informants. Following a mistrial, the prosecution dismissed all charges.

The representation of a young salesman accused of resisting arrest. Todd proved the arresting police officer initially punched his client in the face. The State dismissed the case.

Securing a no-bill for a Korean War veteran who shot an intoxicated woman in his home.  The grand jury agreed that the shooting was justified as self-defense.

The representation of a convicted felon indicted for capital murder. The State dismissed the capital murder charge after Todd’s investigation proved his client shot in self-defense. His client received eight years in prison for illegally possessing the firearm.

Defending a Russian doctor accused of assaulting his wife in front of their children. The case was dismissed after Todd showed the State his evidence proving no assault occurred.

Securing a no-bill for a lawyer accused of injuring the elderly father of his ex-girlfriend. Todd’s investigation developed evidence to show that the lawyer was not even in Texas at the time of the false allegation.

The defense of a professional basketball player charged with possessing narcotics. All charges were dismissed.

The representation of a college student being investigated for manslaughter following a traffic accident where his passengers were killed.  No charges were filed.

Defending an electrician accused of being involved in a conspiracy that stole $13 million from an oil and gas company.  Todd proved his client did not participate in the theft.  The charge was eventually dismissed.